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Clarus Stained Glass Door

A spectacle of light, Clarus is a true asymmetrical masterpiece of glass-art that illuminates a vibrant array of colors.  Encased in an antique door,  LED lights are discreetly mounted on the back of the door to allow a continuous display of light that is controlled using a wireless remote.  A WiFi remote adaptor is also optional to control the lighting directly from your phone.  

This exquisite masterpiece is made from a variety of transparent colored glass that will add a touch of flare to any room or business. Made from a 1940's reclaimed interior wooden door with original hardware, this door was stripped to the bare wood and painted in a Valspar Indigo Go Go finishing.  It is durable and easily fits in the corner of a room as an art-piece or can be used as a functional internal door.

Dimensions:  2’ x 6.5’

For indoor use

UL approved

Two glass panels with zinc metal frame construction

SHIPPING IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS ITEM  This item is only available for local delivery within the Washington DC and surrounding area.

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